School History

In 1951, Hong Kong Fukien Chamber of Commerce founded Fukien Secondary School in a rented apartment building in Western District, providing primary and secondary education to youngsters. The school is dedicated to developing capable and virtuous citizens, who have a good command of Chinese and Western cultures and global perspectives and are zealous in contributing to our society and mother country.

In the early years, the school operated in a difficult environment. Fortunately, with the benevolent support of the Chamber and a team of committed and professional teachers, the school managed to deliver good results. This earned the trust and appreciation of parents.

In 1966, the school started operating in the new school campus at Java Road in North Point. The environment was very much improved and the number of students has been increasing ever since.

In 1991, in response to the appeal from Education Department in enhancing the quality of private schools and developing a more diversified education culture, the school was the first batch to join the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS). Capitalizing fully on the independence and flexibility of the scheme, the school has been exploring more effective and innovative teaching methods.

The school was re-provisioned to the Kwun Tong campus in September 2000. The construction of the school campus was fully subsidized by the government. The new campus features the state-of-the-art design and is well-facilitated with 32 classrooms and 20 special rooms. With these resources, valuable experiences and dedicated teaching staff, the school strives to become a quality DSS school and contribute to the education system of Hong Kong.