Principal's Message

At Fukien, we attach supreme importance to foster values of our school motto, “In Pursuit of Truthfulness and Perfection”. We are committed to grooming our students into future virtuous leaders who embrace national pride and accept responsibilities with a readiness to serve.

Our students put these core values into practice to pursue every success in life. While pursuing true knowledge, they are encouraged to act to live up to the expectations of morality. They grow to be persons of virtue and competence, displaying qualities of responsibility, self-strengthening, gratitude and confidence.

The pursuit of knowledge is anything but easy. It requires conscientiousness, focused attention and intellectual curiosity. The ability to persevere, the passion for knowledge acquisition and appropriate learning strategies are equally indispensable. Teachers are the key people to open the door to knowledge for students and we expect every one of our students is able to be inspired to explore further for advancement.

Nurturing our students to be people of morals, we have always been preaching sincerity, empathy and selflessness. We encourage them to have the courage to own up to mistakes they make and see the importance of self-reflection. Teachers’ promptings are there to instill in students a sense of right and wrong to help them mature to be respectable individuals.

Teachers play an extraordinary part in student learning. We are grateful to have a team of teaching professionals to help our students become their better selves. They see it their mission to guide the students along their life journeys, offering them timely support and advice, and giving recognition to their uniqueness. In light of this, our teachers keep refining teaching pedagogies to unlock students’ potential so as to empower them with necessary skills to meet future challenges.

In 2021, we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of our school with the slogan “Inspired by Our Heritage, Aspire to New Heights”. With our rich tradition and culture, our school has been striving to embrace different challenges and keeping up with the times to refine teaching with new educational initiatives. Our students are aspired to be future leaders with competence and integrity. The spirit of “Diligence and Conscientiousness” is embodied in every one of them.

Principal, Mr. NG Wang Kee