Sister and Partnership Schools

Our school has established partnerships with schools in Mainland China and the World:

Sister Schools

  1. The High School Affiliated Renmin University of China (Beijing)
  2. XiamenJimei Middle School (Fujian)
  3. Shenzhen Middle School (Guangdong)
  4. Sandbach School (United Kingdom)
  5. Shenzhen Longcheng Junior Middle School (Guangdong)
  6. Fuzhou No.1 Middle School (Fujian)
  7. Ningbo Xiaoshi High School (Zhejiang)
  8. Panyu Experimental Middle School of Guangzhou (Guangdong)
  9. Hangzhou 9th Middle School (Zhejiang)
  10. Yangting High School (Sichuan)
  11. Jiaxing Senior High School (Zhejiang)
  12. Clayfield College (Australia)
  13. West Vancouver School District (Canada)
  14. Shi Shi Yi Zhong  (Fujian)
  15. Nantong No. 1 Middle School of Jiangsu Province (Jiangsu)
  16. Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School of Fujian (Fujian)
  17. Yangzheng High School (Fujian)
  18. Gezhi High School of Shanghai China (Shanghai)
  19. Affiliated School of JNU for Hong Kong and Macao's Students (Guangdong)

Partnership Schools

  1. Thompson Rivers University (Canada)
  2. Queenland University of Technology (Australia)