STEM and scientific innovation

STEM education enhances the applications of science and technology to solve daily life problems. In order to cultivate our students independent thinking and self-directed learning ability, STEM education is emphasized in our school. A range of school-based STEM subjects have been incorporated into our junior secondary curriculum, namely STEM Projects, Robotic Programming, Mathematics Enrichment as well as Mini Robocon. On the other hand, the integrated science and computer literacy curriculum are modulated. Experiment and investigating elements are strengthened so students can learn better science and technology knowledge through hands-on activities. For accelerated learners, many pull-out programs are established, such as “science circle”, computer team, innovation and research team and science enrichment program, to nurture their potentials.
Distinguishing features of STEM in FSS

(A) Enhance STEM education in school curriculum:
School based STEM curriculum are conducted to enhance STEM education.
S1 : STEM project lesson
S2: Robotic programming and artificial intelligence
S3: Electronic and engineering
On the other hand, some cross-curriculum workshops are held in order to immense science into different aspects.

(B) STEM and invention team
The STEM and invention team is organized by STEM teachers. By school training and joining interschool competitions, talented students who are interested in STEM are nurtured.

(C) Comprehensive hardware for STEM
School has developed maker space and installed various hardware resources, such as academia, STEM lab, LEGO lab, to create an excellent atmosphere for promoting STEM and scientific inventions.