Personalized Learning

1. Learning Circle
The Learning Circle is composed of a group of cross-grade students who pursue knowledge. They conduct knowledge-exploring activities under the leadership of college alumni or tutors. Under the guidance of the instructor, the students experience in following aspects:
(1) Experience knowledge;
(2) Sharing and reflection;
(3) Cultivate the ability of abstraction;
(4) Applying knowledge.
The subjects that have organized a Learning Circle include: Mathematics, Chinese, Physics, Chinese history, History and BAFS.

2. Special gifted program for mathematics
This program is specially designed for students who wish to delve deeper into mathematical theories and research, and those who intend to pursue higher studies and academic research with a consolidated mathematics foundation. Students with outstanding performance in mathematics are arranged to attend pull-out program inside the regular classroom.

3. Mathematics project program
A special mathematics enrichment course is designed for students who are interested in more in- depth study of mathematics. In this course, tutors (Math PhD) will apply interactive learning
and teaching strategies, such as group discussions and individual presentations of various topics to broaden their scope in mathematics. Students are required to design and carry out a mathematics research project under the supervision of a dedicated tutor. For students with outstanding performances, they will represent the school to participate in various mathematics competitions, even the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards.

4. Gifted Education
Students with potential are selected based on observations by class teachers, students’ performance in class and nominations by teachers and parents. Students are arranged to attend a series of pullout programs according to their capabilities and interests, such as Mathematics Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, leadership, solo verse speaking, building LEGO and creative thinking.