Form Coordination

The work of coordinating different aspects and resources on a Form-basis is one of the core missions of our school, stressing the trinity of "discipline, counseling and guidance", which guarantees students' healthy development and growth.
"Guidance" is the universal care of class teachers for their students. Our school has been using a lot of resources in facilitating the class teachers' work, such as providing training and helping class teachers with management in class.
In our school, Two class teachers are assigned for each class. In every form, there is one Form Convenor, who leads the class teachers of the same form. Together with the assistance of the form discipline teacher and form counseling teacher, teachers formulate strategies particularly addressing the students' needs in the form.
Since our school highly regards cooperation with parents, class teachers take the initiate to communicate with parents, through home visits, phone calls and interview at school, to thoroughly understand students and guarantee their well-being at school.