One life One Talent

“One life One Talent”

Scheme Aims:

Our school has always emphasized the all- round development of our students. To achieve this, all S.1 to S.3 students are to particioate in the “One Life One Talent” Scheme. Through participation in extracurricular activities, students not only develop their interests and potentials, but also enrich their life experiences and broaden horizons. Since 2009/2010 we have also launched some art courses for S.4 students to stimulate their interest in arts.


Violin class Chinese Drama Club Campus TV Girls’ Basketball Team
Flute class Dance Club Liberal Studies Debating Team Table Tennis Team
Zither class Girl Guides English Debating Team Boys’ & Girls’ Volleyball Team
Er Hu class Street Dance Club Science Club Football Team
Chinese Flute class Band (Electronic Music Club) Computer Programming Club Tennis Team
Liu Qin, Yuan class Tea Art Class Lego Club Gymnastics Team
Pi Pa class Swimming Class Robot Team Cross-Country Team
Chinese Percussion class Modern Dance Class Badminton Team Unicycle Club
Dulcimer class Multimedia Club Swimming Team  
Suo Na, Guan Zi class Choir Water Polo Team  
Chinses Orchestra English Drama Club Boys’ Basketball Team