Extension and Refurbishment of Facilities
As a distinguished secondary school, we have continuously invested numerous resources in constructing exceptional campus facilities in order to optimize the school environment. Namely, they are Lecture Theatre, English Drama Workshop, Parents' Resources Centre, Self-study and Reading Centre, Campus TV, Greenhouse, Fishpond, Garden of Serenity as well as Indoor Swimming Pool Complex.

Digital Campus to Enhance Learning and Teaching
All the classrooms and special rooms are equipped with computers, projectors and overhead projectors and other equipment to facilitate multi-media teaching to enhance learning and teaching quality.
There are 3 computer rooms in our school to facilitate both learning and teaching. Moreover, the workplaces of all staff members are equipped with desktop computers.
In addition, the school also sets up a distant-learning facility and the Campus TV Station to support communication with students and teachers from different regions in the world through video equipment.

21st Century state-of-the-art school campus
With its 21st Century state-of-the-art school campus, we have 36 classrooms (normally, there are 31 classrooms in a typical HK school) and more than 10 special rooms. There are also School Hall, Library, MMLC, and Computer Lab.

Parents' Resources Centre
Indoor Swimming Pool
Lecture Theatre

Campus Tv
Self-Study & Reading Centre
English Drama Workshop